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 You all probably heard about New York legalizing same sex marriages :-D

A few weeks ago my dear buttercup22 inspired me by adding a NOH8 logo into an icon I made for her on FB...it was a SPN styled icon.

It got me thinking a bit...about how the SPN fandom is definitely the strongest and most loyal fandom, how (as one of my friends said) "together we get shit done"...think of http://www.therandomact.org and all the other charity projects that this fandom helped with...

...and now imagine what if the Supernatural fandom and the NOH8 Campaign worked together? 
I know about The Glee Project for NOH8 and I think it's a great thing!

But we probably all know (we have proofs damn it! *hints at the TV Guide poll*) that NOBODY can stop the Supernatural fandom :-D
The problem is that even after writing to the co-founder of NOH8 Jeff Parshley  on his Twitter AND Facebook (on the NOH8 website are only contacts for people that took or want to take pictures for the campaign and not for ideas sadly) I didn't recieve any answer :-(
Any suggestion how we could make the NOH8 people notice our fandom and this idea?
Imagine what would happen if Jared, Jensen, Misha and the rest of the guys did the same as the cast of Glee?
We have the largest slash community of all fandoms ever for Chuck's sake! (proof: http://www.fanfiction.net/tv/ ...and that's without RPS!!!)
 EDIT: Now with icons too (*hugs buttercup22 *)


White and stencil (PNG without any background) versions under the cut
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